Systems Solutions
FGR provides integrated control systems consisting of . . .
Host Supervisory Computers, Programmable Logic Controllers, Motion Controllers,
Customized Operative Interactive Graphics, Software and Networking.  These
systems are ideally suited for
Realtime Control, Analysis and Predictive
of complex manufacturing applications in a variety of industries.

We provide our customers with services ranging from software design and
development for existing hardware through the implementation of complete turnkey
systems customized to meet individual needs.   

FGR Automation is a leader in the development of Advanced Automation Control
Systems with over twenty years of proven experience and successful installations
throughout the world.  Our systems offer you distinct advantages that contribute
directly to Plant Productivity, Profitability and Product Quality.
An FGR System Offers:
  • Comprehensive Plant Diagnostics
  • Minimal Training Requirements

  • High Reliability

  • Simplified Plant Operation and Monitoring

  • Modification and Expansion Capabilities are implemented with
    less effort and reduced costs.

  • Extended System Life through Software Flexibility

  • Our Control Programs are easily interpreted and thoroughly
    documented.  Plant Status is indicated prior to startup, eliminating
    costly delays and downtime.
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Our Philosophy is based upon
the concept of increasing plant
profitability through HIGH QUALITY
end product and INCREASED
manufacturing efficiency by
providing you with significant
improvements in your overall
The highest possible reliability
through a maximum use of
software in combination with a
minimum use of hardware.
Excessive plant downtime can
rapidly erode profitable operations.
We give high priority to the system
design criteria which will provide
you with a control package that
offers :   
The rapid tracing of any plant
component failure through
enhanced diagnostic software
developed by FGR.